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Our service model

We’ve developed our model around you

We believe transparency and client advocacy are critical ingredients to delivering superior insurance solutions every time. With our analytical insights, ‘open-market’ approach and experience in managing complex insurance programs, you know you’re in good hands at Austbrokers Corporate. We will always act in your best interest. This ethos underpins everything we do.

Account management

With Austbrokers Corporate, you’ll work directly with a dedicated broker who will be your single point of contact for all your needs.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of a structured service-plan, a clear remuneration model and the support of a 24/7 service team.


Data and analytical insights are crucial to understanding your organisation’s performance within your sector.

We assess your insurance program by comparing your premiums, deductibles and limits of cover against your industry peers.

With these insights, we tailor a solution that gives you a genuine competitive edge.

Contract reviews

We closely review your contractual insurance and indemnity provisions to help you understand how your program may (or may not) respond.

When a clause is uninsurable, we bring it to your attention so you can make an informed decision.

Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind with a go-forward position.

We also provide 24-hour turnarounds on all contract and lease reviews.

An ‘open-market’ approach

Our insurance market strategies are on an ‘open-market’ basis.

This means that every insurer who has the appetite and capacity to work with you is given the opportunity to compete for your business. This translates to better value and outcomes for you.

Our team has excellent relationships with insurers, both locally and internationally.

Insurance program design

Our senior brokers have the depth and breadth of experience to design and manage complex insurance programs.

But the best results need more than expertise.

We also listen to you closely and get to know your business intimately.

Applying a rigorous, peer-based approach, our team discusses, debates and collaborates to design an optimal insurance solution for you.

Technical & compliance services

Our team is supported by the technical and compliance resources available through our shareholder, the AUB Group.

This ensures that we employ a highly technical approach to your program design and placement.

Our compliance function is critical given the technically and geographically complex environment of our industry.

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