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Insurance types

Protecting your reputation & financial health

In an increasingly litigious business world, it’s never been more important to protect the financial health and wellbeing of your company and its directors. Our broad range of capabilities and tailored solutions will enhance your company’s resilience and long-term viability.

General Insurance

Accident & health

Offering a range of accident injury treatment options, we can have you covered for travel, expatriate and inpatriate health, EBA programs and various personal accident solutions.


We can help protect your company against lost or damaged aircraft and their passengers.

This product suite includes hull insurance (fixed wing or rotor wing), aircraft premises liability and non-owned aviation liability.


This suite of products includes insurance against physical damage to your vessel and/or cargo, as well as the liability exposures.


This suite includes ‘retail’ products covering home, contents, valuables, artwork, car, motorcycle and pleasure craft.

General liability

These solutions include both primary and excess products. They cover the compensation you are legally liable to pay arising from your business activities resulting in third-party property damage and bodily injury.


This product suite includes material damage to property and third-party liability relating to construction projects – both annual and project-specific.

We can also work with you to extend policies to include advanced loss of profits and liquidated damages.

Motor fleet

This suite of products includes damage to your own vehicle or fleet – as well as third-party liability.

Product contamination & recall

We can help cover your risks surrounding product contamination.

This includes malicious product tampering, extortion and recall expenses.

Property & business interruption

If your property is lost or damaged, we can help cover the repair/replacement cost of your physical assets and protect the continuity of your income.

Workers’ Compensation

This suite of products covers your liability under state-based legislation and common law for the welfare of your employees.

Trade credit

This suite of products covers you for the insolvency of your debtors. It insures your accounts receivable and protects your business from unpaid invoices.

Financial Lines Insurance


Protect your company from financial losses stemming from theft, fraud or dishonesty by employees, third parties – or a collusion between both.

Solutions can also be extended to cover social engineering claims.

Cyber liability, data & privacy

In an ever-evolving digital world, it’s vital to protect your business from first-party loss, expenses and business interruption.

We can cover you for data loss, breaches, a system attack or other cyber event – and the third-party claims that can come from those incidents.

Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) liability

With this coverage, we protect the personal liability of your company officeholders, executives and management for claims alleging wrongful acts arising out of their professional duties.

Employment practices liability

Protect your company against workplace-based employment claims that stem from staff mistreatment such as harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Investment managers insurance

This product line has been designed for investment managers – including fund managers and asset managers. It covers your business for losses resulting from alleged professional errors in investing and dishonesty.

IT liability

This product line has been specifically designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by the IT sector.

If you provide software, systems and internet services, we can cover you for third-party financial loss, property damage, bodily injury, and cyber and technology losses.

Management liability

This comprehensive product suite can protect the entity and individual directors and/or officers.

Our solutions combine several key financial business risks into an affordable package – which may include directors’ & officers’ liability, employment practices liability, statutory liability and crime risks.

Professional indemnity

We can cover the risks associated with legal defence costs and damages claims from third parties who allege a breach of professional duty against you.

This includes protecting you from fee-for-service risks arising from design, advice, supervision and specification.

Public offering of securities

If you’re offering securities to the public, we can help you address the significant new risk exposure to your business.

This suite of products covers legal transaction-based liabilities for directors and officers, the company and any controlling or selling shareholders.

It also protects against debt or equity rights issues.

Statutory liability

Protect your organisation and its individuals against insurable fines and penalties, along with associated defence costs.

Warranty & indemnity

If you’re buying or selling a business, you will need protection against breaches of warranties and indemnities within your sale agreement.

We can help cover you for legal defence costs and damages that might arise from disputes and litigation relating to an M&A transaction.


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