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Governance and risk management

Transparency from all angles

We believe transparency is a vital element to all client and partner relationships. That’s why we’re completely open about how we operate behind the scenes. Far exceeding expectations set by industry regulators, we have a strong risk management culture and take great pride in our social responsibility.

Strength and vision from the top down

Our robust governance, risk and compliance framework underpins every aspect of our operations.

This framework is further supported by our ASX-listed shareholder, AUB Group Limited (ASX: AUB) – which holds us to the highest possible standards.

Taking the lead from our Board, the Austbrokers Corporate Executive Team is responsible for embedding the necessary structures and responsibilities – while bringing our strategic vision to the fore in the everyday operations of our business.

Exceeding our compliance obligations

Austbrokers Corporate has a compliance management system in accordance with the Corporations Act, ASIC, National Insurance Brokers Association and AUB Group.

We operate within a heavily regulated framework – and go above the minimum requirements of these regulators.

This includes internal audits every month and external audits every six months. The results of which are always exceedingly positive.

A robust risk culture

We have a stringent risk management process and a constantly evolving risk framework.

Never a ‘set and forget’ task, we are continually identifying, managing and mitigating our risks.

The risks we constantly assess include:
- Strategic risk.
- Operational risk.
- Compliance and regulatory risk.
- Conduct risk.
- Reputational risk.
- Financial risk.
- Culture risk.

Making our community a better place

We take our corporate and social responsibility seriously.

We assess our gender diversity on an annual basis via the WEGA report. And we support several charitable partners, financially and in kind.

One of our partners is the Odyssey House & Northcott Disability Services, where we have sponsored fundraising events – including their Women in Business Luncheon.

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