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Your industry is our specialty

When it comes to insurance, you need a solution that addresses the unique challenges and risk profile of your industry. That means you a need a broker with very specific expertise. With strong relationships and experience across all key industries, we can design a robust insurance program for your business and negotiate a highly competitive outcome too.


We support you by negotiating both project-specific and annual programs – and managing your advanced loss of profits insurance.

We can tailor solutions for your surety and trade credit risks to free up capital in your business. And we’ll negotiate solutions that protect your balance sheet against bad debts.

Energy & renewables

You need an innovative and highly technical approach in this emerging sector.

Let us support you with risk protection across:

• Transit and logistics.
• Build, test and commission.
• Delay in start through to operational.
• Liability exposures.


It’s true what they say, there really is no business like show business! And that’s because your risks are unlike those of any other sector.

From continuity and contract management to equipment, production and public liability – we’ll ensure you’re prepared for all possibilities with a tailored insurance program.

Financial institutions

The financial services sector carries a unique risk profile.

But be assured, our brokers are well attuned to your specific insurance needs.

Our goal is to help you overcome your distinctive challenges with bespoke strategies and the best possible long-term outcomes.

Funds management

The complex corporate ownership and management structures in your sector requires highly strategic coverage solutions.

We deploy the skills of our specialist financial lines personnel in product design and market engagement so that you can leverage their strong insurance market relationships.

Food & beverage

Let us use our wealth of experience to help you overcome your insurance challenges with:

• (Un)protected EPS and ACP cladding used as insulation.
• Suppliers’ contractual obligations to you.
• Covering product recall costs, rehabilitation of brand expenses and consultant costs.

Labour hire

We have a tailored suite of insurance products that are market-leading in the labour hire and recruitment sector.

Let us help you meet your contractual obligations and mitigate worker risks.

With us, you’ll be protected for all eventualities.

Life science & pharmaceuticals

With deep knowledge of your industry, we can design an insurance solution that considers your wide range of risks, including:

• EPS.
• Cladding.
• Supply-chain risk.
• Product recall and contamination.
• Clinical trials and (un)protected EPS.
• ACP cladding used in clean rooms.

Manufacturing, processing & production

Whatever products you manufacture, we can help protect your business. Our specialty areas include:

• Sandwich paneling.
• Cladding.
• Supply-chain risk.
• Liability.
• Product recall and contamination issues.


We design bespoke insurance solutions and risk advice for businesses in the media, TV and film industries.

From defamation liability to public liability insurance policies – we will work with you to make sure you’re financially protected in any scenario.


We’re experienced in navigating global markets to access capacity and insurance covers for your sector.

We can tailor solutions to address your environmental rehabilitation liabilities. And we can access unsecured surety bond markets that will work alongside your existing bank facilities, freeing up capital in your mining business.


With extensive experience across the disability, rehabilitation and aged care sectors, our specialist brokers are well placed to assess your unique risk profile.

We want to be more than your insurance and risk adviser. Let us be a key partner to your business.

Professional services

Our team has experience across a range of professional services – and decades of experience in product design and market engagement.

We pride ourselves on recognising the critical interplay between professional indemnity and other liability risks, to ensure a complete solution.


We understand the first-party and third-party liability risks specific to the rapidly evolving technology sector.

And we thrive in designing innovative solutions to these challenges.

We also enjoy strong relationships with cyber and IT insurers who partner with us to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Transport & logistics

Your industry is vital to the business community which means you have unique risks and compliance challenges.

Whether a road, rail or sea haulage company, warehouse operator or integrated 3PL provider – we can offer you broader risk advisory services beyond a traditional insurance policy arrangement.

Real estate

With experience across EPS, cladding and supply-chain risk, we can help you with placement of ACP cladded buildings and the associated increased risk.

Let us use our deep understanding of lease obligations and re-letting times – to advise you following a profit loss.


We understand that supply chain, real estate, creditor and people are key operational risk exposures for your industry. So we can tailor risk products to offset your risks.

And thanks to our long track record, we maintain excellent relationships with key insurers locally and internationally.

Contractors mobile plant & equipment (CPE)

We have developed our own bespoke CPE wording tailored to the exposures, liabilities and contractual obligations in your sector.

And we offer cover enhancements not available elsewhere.

Our policies are industry-leading and supported by underwriters locally, in Lloyds markets and throughout Asia.


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